About Us

2020 has brought about plenty of changes with cleanliness at the top of the world’s watchlist. Sanitising your hands and social distancing has become a normal part of everyday life but have you ever thought about what could be hindering your efforts to stop the spread of germs and viruses?

Washing your hands only goes so far if you don’t also sanitise and clean all the things you regularly touch as well. Think about it, how many times a day do you touch your phone or wallet, adjust your AirPods or touch your smartwatch that you’re constantly tapping to track your steps or check your messages?

You can unwittingly spread germs by using your smart devices and waste all your hand scrubbing efforts. This is where Klenz comes in. The founders, Chris Wright & Annabel Jean Demana, noticed the futility of sanitising your hands to just pick up a dirty phone seconds after and the idea for sanitisation boxes was born.

Keeping yourself free from germs was of course the top priority in this busy digital era we live in, we thought, why not give you more for your money. The UV Klenz boxes not only keep your essentials clean but they’ll charge them wirelessly too. We’re all about efficiency, speed and safety at Klenz.