KLENZ LITE UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger Box


360 degree cleaning .

UV Santizer kills germs on your smartphone within 15 minutes.


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The Klenz LITE is our most compact device. It’s the perfect size to fit most smart phones and any small accessories that you might want to zap and sanitise such as car keys, your sunglasses or smart watch. 

It comes with a charger and dust bag and is easily transported with you anywhere you go. Slip it into your laptop bag, keep it in the car or in your desk drawer. Just plug it In, pop your device and leave it for 15 minutes to self-sanitise. 

The LITE doubles up a wireless charger too so your phone isn’t just sat in the box doing nothing while Klenz kills the nasty bacteria that is hidden on your phone.

If you only need to charge one thing at a time or have small items that you want to sanitise, then this is the Klenz product for you.

360-degree disinfection within minutes.

Our highly-efficient UV Sanitizer kills germs on your smartphone or other items within only 15 minutes. The 360-degree technology assures reliable disinfection of objects from all sides.

Better than wipes.
Chemical wipes do a satisfactory job of killing bacteria in general, but they don’t perform as well on uneven surfaces found on phones. Our UV sterilizers do not know such problems and effectively kill germs from all sides.

Wireless Charging 

Charge your phones or earpods after sterilizing them with the integrated high power wireless fast charging technology.

Intelligent human body sensing

Our sterilizers are designed with your safety in mind. The intelligent human body sensing technology will automatically turn-off the UVC-light disinfection process when opening the cover to protect you from unprotected exposure to UV light.

Environmentally-friendly devices.
Unlike other products, our sterilizers do not contain mercury and do not release Ozone.

 How to use

1. Connect USB cable to product type-C interface.

2. Sterilization: Place your device flat into the box so it can close securely. Close the lid and press the button to activate sterilization function.

3. Wireless Charging: Close the lid of the device and place the wireless charging supporting device on top of the lid. The phone screen must face up. Wireless charging will automatically be activated.

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